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Compete your Clan with Advanced Retail POS System 2018-08-27 01:32:00

Ever since the advent of supermarket culture in India, small and medium retailers have been fighting hard to match with the technically advanced neighbourhood supermarkets in providing best-in-class customer experience at their stores. But hitherto most of them are lagging behind their advanced peers in attracting the teach savvy customers who always prefer stores that pamper them with juicy offers and provide the  best shopping experience.


One of the major reasons which vertically divide supermarkets with street-corner utility shops is that POINT OF SALE (billing counters) with advanced POS terminals to offer fast, easy and convenient in-store shopping experience.


POS systems which are designed especially for retail business environments have a lot to offer for store owners. Apart from helping you achieve more business, these advanced POS hardware-cum-software devices can help you serve your customers the way they prefer.
There are several advantages in using shop-friendly POS devices. Let’s analyze some of the important features of modern POS system.
Fast and precise transactions


For efficient and fast transaction, we need an intelligent POS system which can do multiple functions and handle large customers at POS or checkouts with élan. Your store POS system should be user-friendly with easy to follow steps and completely intuitive to execute the sales in few steps. Mobile POS offers portability to vendors so that transactions or sales can be fast and anywhere and anytime -- both in-store and outside the business area.


Reaching customers in one stroke


Modern POS system can capture customer details such as names, email address, phone numbers, purchase patterns, most preferred products and so on and make them brand ambassador of your retail business. These collected data can be utilized to auto-send offers, coupons, new arrivals, spot discounts and other related information to your customers through email, sms or social media platforms.


With social media and mobile communication gaining tractions, retail marketing through smart phones can be integrated with your POS system and reach customers in large numbers in jiffy.


Manage your schedule


Make sure that your POS system is multi-functional and does your daily routine works with precision and fast. Managing employee schedules automatically can bring down your burden of managing their complex shifts. POS systems can also be integrated with access control and biometric attendance machines. By providing reports and graphical information, you can schedule your future action plans which can impact your business growth.


Automating Sales Management


Your POS system can be integrated with your daily sales and employee/customer reward system apart from handling other regular applications such as sales tracking for single or chain of stores. 


If you have cloud POS, you can monitor your store operations even if you are travelling abroad in real time and take action to correct a system or make spot decision which can be crucial for your business. POS system can be helpful in capturing data such as daily foot-fall (of customers) which will help you find the lean and busy hours at your store and accordingly choose the number of staff required to handle customers comfortably,


To manage inventory


One of the major headaches for retailers is managing inventory. If done manually, there are always chances of errors which can lead to loss. For example, you may order a particular numbers of an item which is already there in good quantity at your warehouse. 


With Modern POS devices, you don’t need to count every in-coming item manually. With the help of barcode scanner you can account for every item and when sale of a particular product happens, the number gets automatically reduced from the in-store inventory of the particular product. Similarly, the desktop POS terminals will give you alerts whenever a particular item becoming out of stock so that you procure that stock in advance.


For small and medium retail stores, POS systems play a major role in the overall success of your business. Since modern POS systems come as sleek and smart iPads or tablets, they occupy less store space, provide mobility, having high return on investment, offer excellent customer experience and also can be managed easily.


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