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How to get perfect restaurant POS system 2018-08-20 13:00:00

Checkouts are rarely crowded in Indian restaurants where customers scramble to pay the bills. Majority of dining customers wish to pay their bills at the table itself. Hence it is important that hoteliers offer customers a seamless process, right from ordering, dining to paying bills through multiple touch points. Restaurant POS systems are intelligent to do multiple functions - automating several daily works while enhancing customer experience to multiple levels.


What is a Restaurant POS System?


In general POS is the place customers pay money for the merchandise they buy or services they enjoyed. Though the purpose is same, not all POS systems are similar and one-size-fit type. For example, retailers and restaurateurs have very unique needs when it comes to having a POS system that meets their business interests.


If you are running a full-service bar and restaurant, you would need a Restaurant Point of Sale solution made specifically for your business matrix.


If you want to make the right choice and avoid paying for obsolete POS system, you need to identify the solutions that you may want your POS system address your type of business.


Full-Service Restaurants


You may have a restaurant offering good food and excellent dining experience. But you must have a competent POS system to support your services. 


Your POS system should be able to manage reservations over the phone, in person or allow people make bookings online. Table management is an essential application for any full-service restaurant where you can make your gusts settle faster and turn tables quickly.


You should go for restaurant POS software that supports mobile POS so that serving staff can bring efficiency in table-side ordering and make the payment secured and customer-friendly. More so, a perfect POS system can enhance guests’ dining experiences with exceptional services.


Fast-Casual Restaurants


POS systems for Fast-casual restaurants retain many of the features of a full-service restaurant solution, but with few add-ons. For example, table-side kiosk provides self-ordering items to customers while enhancing pay-at-the-table functionality.


With several food apps doing the rounds, you must make your business open through online to facilitate customers reach you. For that you must integrate online orders with your kitchen display system to facilitate smooth workflow and accelerate order and delivery process. A POS system which can print receipts and labels will let your staff handle orders efficiently without any mix-ups.


Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR)


Customers come to your quick-service restaurant for speed of service, convenience and also for enjoying great food. You should have a POS system that can, not only process order quickly, but also keeps the line moving. Self-service kiosks integrated with POS can help attend more customers and maximize the revenue.


Your POS system should also be designed to integrate digital signage and other digital display systems to improve customer experience. Digital menu boards are the best way to attract customers and improve sales. With your POS system you can change the menus daily in accordance with the demand, occasions and nature of customers.


Bars and Nightclubs


Bars and nightclubs have active and busy Point of Sale due to nature of the business. For dormant hours to heavy rush hours, your POS system should be able to tackle the heat, especially when the volume of business is huge.


POS systems for bar and nightclub must support happy hour pricing facility according to a set schedule. Also, an excellent liquor control system which keep track of inventory of bottles and a monitoring system that provides stock position by hourly basis.  A secure cash management to reduce theft or pilferage must be part of your POS system.


Bar POS systems should also have automatic age verification tool to make your business in compliance with the law.


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