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Modernize Customer Experience with iPad POS 2015-09-07 03:20:00

If you are looking to digitize and streamline the in-store environment of your coffee shop or ice cream parlor and searching for a cutting edge solution that would modernize the customer experience, integrate with their current loyalty system and assist with business management, then you must have iPad POS system and technology for your business.
Through this sophisticated Point of Sale platform, traders can address all the above requirements. The market is flooded with software vendors who can customize your software needs according to your business needs. The light-weight hardware decreases usage of counter spaces, connects to the cloud and seamlessly integrates with loyalty platform. With iPad POS platform, businesses can also track inventory, manage payroll and provide analytics anywhere and anytime for better business decisions.
"We were looking for the latest Point of Sale system that should be efficient, secure, sophisticated and at the same time can be easily integrated. We have found a software firm which provided all these requisites through cloud platform," says Sanjiv Mehta, CEO and chairman of Ruchi Foods, a chain of ready to eat or carry food joint.
"The new iPad POS with integrated and tailor-made software application helped us to update our systems quickly and serve our customers efficiently. Though we are yet to fully and deploy the system fully, from September when we go fully functional, we are looking forward to see our employees and customers experience the convenience and benefits of our upgraded platform," he adds.
As an alternative to WiFi connectivity, the technology helps to connect multiple store locations with top-of-the-line data security. According to Revel, a leading software solution provider in the US, it uses a proprietary cabled Ethernet solution that allows enterprises to utilize a wired, always-on Ethernet connection to power their iPad POS system as an alternative to WiFi connectivity.
The Revel Ethernet Connect cabled solution brings the first-ever, hard-wired connection to their iPad POS system in enterprise deployments, including failover from WiFi to Ethernet and from Ethernet to WiFi, as well as from one router to another. The U.S. based Revel's technology is patent-pending and the company is the first iPad POS provider to develop and deploy a wired Ethernet connectivity solution such as Revel Ethernet Connect.

- K. Ramanathan

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