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POS can Integrate Omnichannels to Boost your Retail Business 2018-09-07 13:27:00

Every retail owner aspires for one common thing… their customers should come back to repeat business. Establishing positive customer experience within your store should be your primary objective and this can be possible through Point Of Sale (POS) system. 


If you want to create a successful retail business, you must ensure smooth functioning in every aspect of customer buying or ordering process before even the entry of guests.


Customers must be given all available windows/channels to reach the store and execute the transactions through their preferred payment options. This all-channels approach is popularly known as omnichannel retailing where customers are offered with multiple touch points for payment within an establishment. Think about providing facilities such as self-serve kiosks, mobile ordering, and handheld POS devices. Your POS can be integrated into various touch points for seamless retail operations which can be the principal revenue driver for your business.


Omnichannel can be a good marketing strategy to boost your business prospects. Especially when you are running a chain of retail establishments, multiple channel business approach will help maintain good balance between customer footfalls and growth matrix.


A successful omnichannel business can be able to drive business across various touch points such as online, mobile, e-commerce, retail app, catalogue, in-store, to name a few. These days, customers prefer diverse modes of marketing strategy, irrespective of its method of conversion.


Online marketing should be high on your agenda if you are running a physical store. According to a recent report, as high as 50% of in-store businesses are affected by digital shopping and this is expected to reach 58% by 2022. With mobile phones are increasingly accessible by people even in remote areas of India, it is sensible to make your retail business available for dominant online shoppers.


Seamless Online/In-store Consumer Experience: No matter whatever may be customers’ preferred purchasing method, you should ensure that they are treated with a seamless, easy and spontaneous brand experience. By offering facilities such as Online to Offline (O2O) or buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS), online to in-store returns and exchanges vice-versa, online access to in-store inventory information and sustainable customer relation programs (CRM), one can establish lifetime cross-channel customers who can be your brand ambassadors.


Approaching locals through media channels: If your business is also available online, you should know how to enhance its reach through all available media tools and digital marketing strategies to target local customers. 


You must establish an integrated and solid local foundation through media, including Location page enhancements, local inventory ads, Google My Business listing optimizations, district/regional Facebook targeting, location extensions and structured citation syndication. 


Retailers should maintain a consistent and accurate name, address and phone numbers (NAP) of customers which is the most elementary, yet crucial elements of a local search strategy. In the google search, you should not attempt to alter the appearance of your location details to establish its reliability and efficacy.


Robust approach to attribution & tracking: POS data must be synced with your digital marketing platforms so as to understand the impacts of internet advertising on physical store’s revenue growth. Implement data-based acknowledgment across all channels for a more precise understanding of customer journey and projecting lifetime value, and think about performing store holdout tests to definitively show digital’s incremental impact.


E-commerce optimization: Google has been surpassed by Amazon in frequency of product searches. If your product is part of Amazon platform, you should give importance to feed optimization and excellent content creation for improved visibility and business.


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