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Set-up your POS system to set-right your retail business! 2018-09-29 13:50:00

Setting up a POS system for your business environment may give you jitters, especially when you are not computer savvy. But you can relax now as support is forthcoming. 


When you choose a POS system for your retail business, it is always better to go for reputed brands who have good service network in your region. As local vendors may tempt you with low cost POS terminals, when you require their service such as installation or trouble shoot, it may be an unpleasant experience for you.   


So, you buy the best POS system for your store which includes a touch POS terminal, Barcode scanner, automatic cash drawer, or thermal printers, hand-held terminal, etc. And, what next? You may require an installation or setting up of the system, right? Here is where you require a good support, and now-a-days, technology has come to your aid as manufacturers have several means to assist customers, either through site visits or remote service modes. 


Technology has shrunk POS terminals and made them handy, as you can have a tablet or smart POS devices to run your retail store successfully. As far as set-up requirements, it may vary depending upon the manufacturer and retail applications. The fad is that several POS brands have introduced tablet-based POS systems which are trendy and easier to install compared to their legacy counterparts.


Setup instructions for branded POS products can be found in company websites. This gives you an option that whether you can set up the system yourself or require an external help. 


Many POS makers offer video tutorials or step-by-step guides for their POS products so as to give you a smooth walk through during the set-up process. While some offer remote assistance, others provide on-site service facility through their local service partners. Such service may or may not cost you depending upon the warranty period of the system you have.


However, some advanced POS systems may involve complex set-up processes. For such systems, you have to pay a little extra to manufacturers as setup and installation fee upfront and such systems will be pre-configured before they shipped to your address. You just have to plug and play once you receive it. 


Alternatively, manufacturers or national distributors provide onsite or remote setup assistance, training services and data migration, and such services generally come free of cost.


Whether you buy a simple Point Of Sale (POS) system and can do the set-up yourself or buy the more advanced POS system where the company do the installation for you, you must give yourself enough time to setup the POS system at your business place before you start using the same.


Since this is going to be once-a-time exercise, in addition to setting up hardware components such as thermal printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, android POS terminals, touch POS terminals, etc, you should spend time in setting up the POS software required for your business type, add inventory, create standard menu (if you run a restaurant), and train your store executives to use the integrated POS systems effectively.


So, set-up your POS system today and set right your retail business to reach new heights.


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